We Are the Web Design Agency that is Passionate About the Web

CobbM is a Web Design Agency that is passionate about the Web and your Business presence on it. With your passion for your business and our passion for the web, we can combine forces to provide the possibility for more customers and clients to be able to see your business online. 

About Us

CobbM welcomes you to our website. We provide web development services to businesses.

CobbM is a web development and design agency that provides a wide range of services to startups and small businesses to enhance and improve their presence on the internet by creating functional and clean websites that have more than just a visual appeal; they are designed for functionality to help you and your target audience.

CobbM was started in 2020 amid a global pandemic when the founder Matthew was furloughed. He took the opportunity to create CobbM to assist small businesses in building websites and providing tech solutions to a multitude of digital problems. His love for HTML and digital design started much earlier though as he has over ten years of experience in the area.

As a self-taught web developer and a small business itself, CobbM knows the struggles that come along with running a successful company. This experience allows CobbM to give customers personalized and supportive services that really get to the issue of the problem at the most direct route possible. CobbM strives for transparency and variety to meet your needs whatever they may be while keeping you informed along the way. Whether you’re one person needing help with building a website or an organization hoping for assistance with search engine optimization (SEO), CobbM is determined to help you find a solution.

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Our Values & Vision


CobbM is dedicated to building a professional relationship that allows you to trust and rely on a job well done. We seek to inspire confidence in our web development, SEO, and web design that you can rely on every time that you need a problem tackled.


CobbM looks to always provide the best solution to your digital issues. Through experience and gained knowledge, CobbM is equipped with a variety of skills necessary to successfully help in any digital disaster. These skills include but are not limited to web development, graphic design, digital compatibility across platforms, and SEO; all of which are essential to running a successful business on the internet.


Transparency goes hand-in-hand with connection. CobbM is upfront with their clients during every step of the process to help build trust but to also give customers an idea of what structures are being put in place to help their website succeed on the internet. As CobbM is a small agency itself, there is a passion in every project that is taken. We are ready to help you and your business to succeed. Contact CobbM today to learn more and inquire about what services we can provide to assist you in achieving your digital goals

We Believe Your Business Can Attract More Customers. How? By Having a Website! 

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